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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mazzer sweep mod

Well it's about damn time!  One peril that has plagued the otherwise almost untarnished reputation of the fantastic family  of Mazzer coffee grinders is the fact that they constantly chuck to the left, spraying coffee everywhere.  It's messy, wasteful and altogether damn annoying!
Different theories have been put forward as to whether it's best to pull slowly on the dosing lever (so as to slowly coerce the coffee to fall with little sideways momentum) or to thwack the hell out of the dosing lever to allow the coffee to 'bounce' back into the center of the puck.

There are also a few online templates of how to cut up a piece of plastic or paper and shape it to help 'fix' the problem.  Me, i usually jam one of my business cards into the exit chute of the dosing chamber to help the problem.

However none of these temporary fixes a) last long or b) fix the problem entirely.  What has always been missing is either 1) Mazzer just re-design their damn exit chute 2) Mazzer develop an official attachment that fixes the problem or 3) someone else develop an aftermarket 'unofficial' modification, and cash in on the many thousands of unhappy mazzer users world-wide.

Well finally someone has decided to do just that.  The Elvinator is a small piece of custom designed plastic that screws onto the existing screws on the front of your mazzer grinder.  Curled up like a funnel, it  stops the grinds from spitting everywhere.  Best of all, it's damn cheap (around US$10).

Check out Espresso Parts for more info

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