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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010 South Australian Barista Competition Results

Well the SA heats leading up to the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (AASCA) National Barista Championships have been all wrapped up.
The placings and points spread of the top 6 is as follows:

588.5 Jonny Pisanelli - "from Scratch Patisserie" coffee by Tony D'Angelo Coffee
560.5 David Moen - "Bar 9, Espresso Royale, Coffee Branch and others" coffee by 5 senses and the Coffee Barun
556.0 Mike Wells - "Bar 9, and Cibo" coffee by 5 Senses
543.5 Kye Elliott Moyle - "Bar 9 and Cibo" coffee by 5 senses
500.5 Denny Wong - "Michels Patisserie" coffee by Michels Patisserie
420.5 Tory Purcell - "C Coffee, on the run" coffee by Aroma Fresh

Well done to everyone who entered and especially Jonny for a well deserved win (and about time too!). And a massive well done to all the Bar 9 competitors for a huge result across the board.