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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bar 9 - an update

Well it's about damn time I put up an update on how everything's coming along.  Finally today (after five very longs months) the Burnside City Council has finally given me the building rules classification approval that I've needed in order to proceed.
So now the signage can go finally go up and I can remove that very dodgy sign that sits in the front window at present.  Most of the machinery  for the cafe is in transit and will be being installed shortly.  My baby, the cyncra, is having a few tweaks done to the boiler and it will be here shortly after.
The blends have been pretty much worked out (there will be some tweaking when the cyncra gets here) as has most of our supply lines.
After all the machinery is commissioned and running there will be a few cosmetic changes to the store (making it look purdy) and we will do a bit of a soft launch that will involve giving away a whole bunch of coffee, a few specialist coffee nights and events, running the cafe open but without food to allow us to ease into the neighborhood and meet everyone, and finally a big open day.
I'm getting some pretty damn special coffee to coincide with all this so if you're mad nuts into coffee you probably won't want to miss out.

So in short, we're slowly getting there, but still have a few more hurdles to cross.  I'll let you all know more as I do.  Thanks for your interest and I hope we can start serving you some pretty amazing coffee soon! this space


Anonymous said...

I've heard lots about it opening, can't wait till it does!

Bar Nine Espresso said...

Thanks for your excitement. I can't wait too!

Are you based in Adelaide?

fabulousabulous said...

Actually I competed against you at the recent Latte Art comp...I was the little girl! hehe

Yeah, I am based in Adelaide. I do some dealing with Aroma Fresh/ Bill...he's told me all about the stores progress!

Bar Nine Espresso said...

Oh nice, well that explains the awesome artwork on your site (love the hanging heart!).
Can't wait to make you a coffee =D

Chiara said...

How exciting!

Tom said...

that is a lever group machine I saw! What breed is it!

Bar Nine Espresso said...

It's a '74 Rancilio z9 Lever Piston (single group). I absolutely love it, it brakes all the rules and pulls an amazing shot (you should see the temperature curve on it, it's massive!)