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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Boxing Day Caffeine Bash

Sat 26th Dec
10am -1pm

This Boxing day (Saturday the 26th Dec) Bar 9 will be opening it's doors for a brief caffeine bash from 10am till 1pm. Expect a laid back environment with plenty of coffee designed to aid in your festive recovery.
We'll be having free tutorials on siphon, pour-over and the exciting new abid clever dripper as well as the most exciting list of premium coffee's that we've ever held at Bar 9 at any one time. We've re-tweaked White Label and re-worked Black Label, and will probably hold a throwdown or two so there's plenty of reasons to swing by a grab a coffee instead of sleeping in.

Hope to see you there, but if we don't, be sure to have an amazing Christmas anyway =D

Best Wishes