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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Results from the 2010 Australian National Barista Championship Semi - Finals

And so the winners going through to 2010 national barista championship finals tomorrow are:

John Paul Sutton(qld), Simon James(vic), Scottie Callaghan(nsw), Tim Adams (Qld)and Mark Chandler (5 Senses Perth)

Through to the Cup Tasting final is:

Brad Nixon (2005 SA state barista champ, ex- Bar 9 'manager' and now working with 5 senses in Melbourne)

And latte art, after winging it with an entirely borrowed kit after Tiger Airways lost all her luggage:

Kirby Berlin (Maling room, canterburry, Vic)

My heart goes out to everyone who didn't make it through and a big Big BIG congratulations to those mentioned above!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 National Australian Barista Competition

Here are the details for the 2010 National Australia Barista Championships, kicking off this Friday. More info, and a live stream of the event can be found at the AustralAsian Specialty Coffee Association's website,

We'll be tweeting the event as much as possible (in between judging, helping out and generally running around) from our Twitter Account @BarNine using the hashtag #ABC10 (Australia Barista Competition 2010). I dare say that this will probably be the most up to the minute way to follow the event (except of course the live feed) if you can't make it the the Gold Coast Convention Center where the event is being held.

Friday 29th Jan:

10:00am – 5:00pm: Repechage Detpak Australian Barista Championship

Saturday 30th Jan:

10:00am – 1:40pm: Detpak Australian Barista Championship Semi-Finals

2:30pm – 4:40pm: Repechage Dairy Farmers National Foods Australian Latte Art Championship

4:45pm – 5:30pm: Repechage Detpak Australian Cup Tasting Championship

Sunday 31st Jan:

10:00am – 12:20pm: Deptak Australian Barista Championship Finals

12:50pm – 2:20pm: Australian Coffee in Good Spirits Championship Finals

2:30pm – 4:20pm: Dairy Farmers National Foods Australian Latte Art Championship Finals

4:30pm – 5:00pm: Detpak Australian Cup Tasting Championship Finals

5:00pm – 6:00pm: Winner Presentation including announcement of Roasters Competition

Saturday, January 16, 2010

South Australian AASCA Meeting and Latte Art throwdown

This Monday we will be holding the last South Australian AASCA meeting before the nationals later this month. The meeting will kick off from 6.30pm and wind up with a bit of a smack down (latte art that is!). $5 to throwdown, winner get an AASCA TeeShirt (and coveted bragging rights!) .

They will be food, coffee and anything else of interest that we can find so come one, come all if you are in any way the least bit interested in the happenings of the Specialty Coffee Industry.

2010 Australian Barista Championships - Open Heats

just a quick update as we gear up for the 2010 Australian National Barista Championships. Here's a list of the order of competitors taken from

Opens- Barista championships Friday 29th January

1/Jason Dowding
2/Kris Wood
3/rosie Ching
4/Simon James
5/Jennifer Murray
8/Scottie Callaghan
9/Jake Sullivan
10/Joe Tynan
11/Aaron Wood
12/Scott Luengen
13/Jean Paul Sutton
14/Kane Blaber
15/ Jessie Hyde

Opens- Latte Art Saturday 30th January
1/aaron Wood,
2/Mark Chandler
3/Mark Stewart
4/Kirby Berlin
5/Aaron Howman
6/Charles Skadiang
7/Scott Luengen
8/Sineenart (Fiefy) Anuwatanaphor

Coffee in good spirits Final- Sunday 31st January

1/Alexandra Stathis
2/David Seng
3/Courtney Patterson
4/Remy Shpayzer
5/Mitchell Faulkner
6/Emily Ch’ng

The Cupping order will be drawn on the day