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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Coffee, an affordabe luxury... but at what cost?

"Meanwhile, the mainstream first-world consumer has held stubbornly to the idea that coffee is a cheap luxury, that the $1.00 bottomless mug is somehow a right or a deserved privilege. It is this very attitude that will continue to ensure that the modern smallholder coffee farmer has little hope of escaping a life of extreme poverty. Cheap coffee (and by “cheap” I mean low cost, which typically equates to low quality) is one of the many forces shackling the developing world and suppressing opportunity for advancement for a huge chunk of the planet’s population who depend on coffee to make a living."

-GEOFF WATTS, Intelligentsia Coffee

This is an exert taken from a fantastic response to an online article that's definately well worth reading.

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patrick said...

it's the conundrum of the American middle class -- simulated luxury so that all might have at least some version of leisure or quality of lifee