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Sunday, February 1, 2009

2009 Australian National Barista Competition Results

Here's a snapshot of the results for those of you who couldn't follow the comp at the time and are wondering what went down.

Australian Barista Competition:
1st Tim Adams (Qld) - by a margin of 10pts
2nd Zoe Delany (Vic)
3rd Con Hara....(Vic)
4th Habib Marbani (NSW)
5th Jessy Hyde (Vic)
--there was no public announcement of the scores

Latte Art
1st Erin Sampson (VIC)
2nd Habib Marbani (NSW)
3rd Will (TAS, now working in VIC)
4th Johny Pisineli (SA)

Coffee and Good Spirits
1st Kirby Berlin (Vic)
2nd Scottie Callaghan NSW)
3rd David Seng (Vic)

1st Ben Bicknell (WA, now living in Vic) - 8/8 in 1:29sec
2nd Luca Costanzo (Vic) - 7/8
3rd Brian Raslan (SA) - 6/8

The event on the whole was a tremendous success with all the hard work of the organisers, sponsors, volunteers and of, the competitors really paying off. It get more cliche every year to say it, but it's true, the level of dedication and passion just keeps getting higher and higher.

It was great to see so many industry professionals together enjoying the day and I think, one the whole, it was a great success.

Davinci Syrups through together a fantastic afterparty, but the stories there I think I'll leave for another time ;P

Well done to everyone involved, and especially the competitors who really gave their all!

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