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Monday, December 29, 2008

Bean Scene Magazine

I though I'd give a quick shout-out to a newly appointed role of mine, as one of the contributors for the soon to be re-launched, Bean Scene Magazine

With a brand new publisher, Prime Creative, new editor in chief Steve Agi, and an intimidating list of high profile contributors and writers, this magazine is sure to make an impact of both industry professionals and budding home enthusiasts alike.

Coinciding with my growing interests in alternate brewing methods, and the launch of my soon to be open cafe (yes, it's getting really close right now), which will be continually profiling these different methods, I'll be writing a series of articles on everything from manual pour over, to Vietnamese coffee pots (and everything in between) in an attempt highlight some of these often forgotten brewing styles.

So check out the website and be sure to look out for a copy late Jan/early Feb

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