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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Results from the 2010 Australian National Barista Championship Semi - Finals

And so the winners going through to 2010 national barista championship finals tomorrow are:

John Paul Sutton(qld), Simon James(vic), Scottie Callaghan(nsw), Tim Adams (Qld)and Mark Chandler (5 Senses Perth)

Through to the Cup Tasting final is:

Brad Nixon (2005 SA state barista champ, ex- Bar 9 'manager' and now working with 5 senses in Melbourne)

And latte art, after winging it with an entirely borrowed kit after Tiger Airways lost all her luggage:

Kirby Berlin (Maling room, canterburry, Vic)

My heart goes out to everyone who didn't make it through and a big Big BIG congratulations to those mentioned above!


Ken Burgin said...

Time for more blogging - don't stop!

Bar Nine Espresso said...

Yeah it's a fair point. Really need to clock up some time away from Twitter (@Barnine) and focus some attention back on the blog!

Cheers for the reminder =D