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Sunday, June 7, 2009

When are you bloody opening?!

Well after receiving this question what seems like a million times, we may (fingers crossed), be able to answer that soon. The final pieces of the plumbing map should be completed this week, which means that the Synesso will be pulling shots soon!
This inevitably means that I'm spending more and more time at the shop so if you happen to be passing by and see a few heads bobbing around feel free to pop in and grab a coffee or two! We've usually got some exciting beans laying around waiting to be consumed.
Thanks to everyone who follows this for your interest and patience. There have been too many unexpected delays and hiccups to warrant mentioning, but we're are finally getting there. And sorry I haven't been finding more time to keep this regularly updated.
For more recent updates please follow the twitter account BarNine, as it's a little quicker and easier to maintain.
So now to the suggested game plan - Assuming all goes to plan (which has happened around 2% of the time ;p), plumbing will be completed this week. Next week I'll spend 'prettying' up the place getting ready for a soft launch the week after. I'll post details for this later but basically we'll open up just for coffee (no food or cakes etc), to warm into the neighbourhood and have a chance to have a bit more a chat with everyone. The official launch should commence the week after (baring no unforeseen delays!!).
So thanks again for all your patience, and to everyone who's had the chance to pop their head in so far (I really appreciate the feedback) - and rest assured that we're more anxious than you are to get open and start serving you some amazing coffee!


Anonymous said...

look forward to it finally opening! :-)

patrick sloane said...

more person asks me when I'm opeing my jointI'm gunna punch them in the face!

Bar Nine Espresso said...

Lol, I'd prefer them asking that not - but you do tend to hear it a lot ;P

Hope you place is coming along well, the photo's are looking amazing. Great character!

Anonymous said...

...hooray :)