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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bar 9 Website up and running

Well, sort of.  It's a public beta version up for your scrutiny.  The official site won't be up until the cafe is (no, there's still no word on an official date) and we've had a chance to snap a few more photo's and upload some more exciting content.

So for now if I could ask you to have a look and post some feedback (either via the contact details @ the site, or via this blog).  I'm far more interested in negative feedback than positive, so feel free to let loose.  Also, if it displays wierd in your browser please let me know (should be blackberry/iphone friendly).

Anyway, the link is 


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I'm one of the interested locals who has noticed your coffee boutique evolve over the past few weeks.

We're really pleased to see the website - including menu. You're opening hours are good for early morning... however there are locals who are wanting you to be open on weekends - as we are devoid of decent coffee. Please open on Sat/Sun.....

Bar Nine Espresso said...

Thanks for chiming in there, I really appreciate the feedback given. With regard to the issue of trading weekends, it's definately a priority for me. The are two issues going against that at present. The first is that I really want to run coffee appreciation courses, cupping sessions, home and professional barista development classes, and informal coffee "jam" sessions (run as an open forum get together for industry professionals and coffee enthusiasts to meet together and talk about all things coffee related). These events typically run better on weekends as people are busy during the day and usually not too keen on getting over-caffeinated in the evenings. The other issue is my two year son and trying to find somewhere to park him (he's not quite ready to make coffee for everyone just yet ;).

So the general plan is as follows. Get the cafe open and running during the week and get staff up to scratch so they can handle working weekends. Hopefully then we'll be doing the turn-over required to warrant my wife departing from or cutting back from her workplace and there for be able to take care of the little man. Then beging trading weekends, with maybe last orders around 1pm, and run those coffee events from 2pm.

So in short, I definately see the damand, and am very keen to help fill the void - it's just a matter of working out all those little details surrounding the issue.

Let me know what you think =D

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your detailed response. I'm pleased to hear about the plans for Bar9 opening hours and direction.

Looking forward to experiencing a mocha when you open. :)